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How to sell your home FAST

by IBMSECU Marketing | Jul 15, 2016
Couple toasting with mugs
You want your home to sell FAST and also make sure that you get the best possible price for what is your biggest investment. Here are some tips from IBMSECU AVP of Real Estate Lending, Mark Skinner, to help you sell well, sell fast, and have fun.

Conduct your own inspection: Walk around the outside & inside of your home and put together a list of what needs to be fixed or cleaned up. If you have the ability to check the roof, the foundation or the crawl space – get it done. You may even consider conducting an inspection to identify and fix up any potential issues.

You need curb appeal: Make your home look good from the outside. Clean up your yard, wash your driveway, clean your windows & doors, spruce up your mailbox, and make your home entrance inviting. Many people will want to drive around your home before actually coming in.

A little paint & polish: Give the outside a wash and look to spruce things up with a little paint. Go for neutral colors – it allows the potential buyer to imagine what things might look like.  Let the light in during the day and add to your lighting – a brighter house looks really good.

Depersonalize & de-clutter: Reduce the amount of personal pictures as you show your home. Remove extra furniture and items to give your home more openness. Push the couches in closer to each other as it makes your living room look bigger. Move the extra stuff out of the home into the garage or into storage. A clean garage also goes a long way to show off a clean home.

Kitchen & bathrooms: Put in your best efforts to spruce up these two areas. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, plus a clean bathroom will actually add the feeling of a better home. You can add a lot of perceived value by changing knobs & handles.

Show off your space:
Adding a mirror to a room instead of a picture makes the room look bigger. If you have awkward unused spaces, consider adding a chair with a lamp – it makes the area look useful.

Your dress rehearsal: Before you officially put the sign out front do three things. Talk to your neighbors, they may know someone who wants to move in. Pull up other listings to give you pricing trends. Now start interviewing real estate agents – they will give you their opinion on price, staging ideas, & you will build awareness.

Create online curb appeal: Take lots of pictures & video to showcase your home. Take pictures of important close by locations like the grocery stores, schools, restaurants, shopping, convenience stores, and your neighborhood.

Talk to us: Contact us and we can tell you what price you might expect. It is your investment & knowing what you can get is what will give you even more. This will also allow us to help prepare you for the financing of your next home.


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